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SAI Systems & Services Inc is a leading supplier of Laboratory Casework, Fume Hoods , Forensic Equipments, Healthcare Casework and other laboratory equipments . Having supplied and installed our products throughout Canada, we thrive to excel by providing many services not commonly provided by other suppliers.

Installation of Laboratory Furniture and Equipment such as Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Bench, Balance Tables and more. It’s like we install everything we sell! Our customers have confidence of getting after sales service from our experienced team.

Moving laboratory casework and/or equipment from one lab to another. We have helped our customers move Fume Hoods & casework from one town to another. SAI Systems will be with you on your next move.....wherever in Canada that might be.

Retro-fit existing laboratory Fume Hoods and Casework. Our services for retro-fitting includes : Changing Fume Hood Accessories, Replacing laboratory countertops, adding new casework to existing, providing customized casework and/or fume hoods to suit your laboratory and so on.

So whatever your next project might be, SAI Systems will always be there to work as a part of your laboratory renovation/ remodelling team.

To get detailed information, please click here and one of our experienced sales/projects team member will be glad to assist you.

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